Sources of Inspiration

I love weight loss success stories. They are sources of inspiration to me and remind me that sustaining a major loss–true transformation–is possible.

Some of my favorite sources of weight loss inspiration:

1. The semi-annual People magazine cover stories that feature real people who have lost significant amounts of weight. The most recent weight loss cover story features a woman who lost over 100 pounds by following Weight Watchers!
2. The “You in Shape” section of Shape magazine. I’ve been getting Shape for years, and the section of success stories is the first place I turn when I get a new issue.
3. The “Success Stories” section of I love reading about people who have been successful on the plan I’ve chosen to follow. You can even customize a search to find people who have been in your situation — your age, the amount of weight you need to lose — and have met their goal.

What are your sources of inspiration for healthy living?

What other examples should I use to stay motivated, especially when the going gets tough?


5 thoughts on “Sources of Inspiration

  1. Rach! First of all, yay, you’re awesome and beautiful and always have been. Just one perspective, but on my own weight loss, I’ve always found the best inspiration for me has been myself-in that remembering how i was and how I don’t want to be again pushes me on days i just don’t want to get up and run:) best of luck to you, sweetie. You’ve always killed at anything you set your mind to, and you will at this as well!

  2. Do you have a “skinny” pic of yourself or an old pair of jeans you want to fit back into? If so, put that somewhere that smacks you in the face daily. Also, put a goal pic of yourself or a hot chic on your fridge so when you go to eat when you aren’t hungry or are emotional eating you see that. I personally find the less bad temptation in my house the easier it is for me to prevent the cheating. :). Hope some of that helps.

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