Tuesday Weigh-In: Success!!

This past week–my first week back on the Weight Watchers plan–went remarkably well! It wasn’t perfect, but I felt like I was more focused and determined than at any other time I’ve attempted to lose weight.

My focus certainly showed on the scale–because I’m down 2.6 pounds this week!!

I basically had a party on the scale with the Weight Watchers staffer who was checking me in at the meeting this morning. I think this is the most weight that I’ve lost at one time ever.

The crazy thing is, I really didn’t feel deprived in the last week. Sure, there were a number of times that I was hungry–I’m still trying to figure out how to eat well and still stay full–but there was really no time when I was angry or frustrated because I was dissatisfied with what I was eating. I already can feel the weight coming off and I just feel better–I haven’t had indigestion at all in the past week, I’m sleeping better, and I already have more energy–and that is worth more to me than junk food right now.

What worked last week:
1. Tracking consistently. Basically everything that I ate this week–with the exception of a few nibbles–was written down in my tracking book or logged on my phone via the Weight Watchers app. Tracking is a key part of the Weight Watchers plan, and for good reason–you are completely accountable for what you are eating when you have to see it on paper.
2. Looking up the Points Plus values of menu items before eating out. I actually ate out several times this weekend, but I was most apprehensive about going to Ihop on Sunday. I looked up the points for all of the Ihop menu items before we got there, and I made a compromise with myself–while I wasn’t going to get one of their low-calorie items, I was going to get something reasonable. (What I normally would have chosen off the plan was incredibly high in Points Plus values.) I settled on the Two-Two-Two–two eggs (for protein), two bacon strips (for enjoyment), and two blueberry pancakes (because Ihop is the International House of Pancakes, after all). With the added blueberry compote topping and the glass of 2% milk that I had, the Points Plus values ended up being more than I would have liked, but I felt good knowing that I made a compromise and a conscious choice without feeling deprived.
3. Deciding if a treat is worth it, and enjoying it if it truly is. I went out to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants–Mike’s American Grill–with my husband and in-laws on Friday night for my mother-in-law’s birthday. One of their desserts, the Flourless Chocolate Waffle, is one of my absolute favorites and was worth it to me to get. I hadn’t had sweets in four days at that point and decided that the treat was something I really wanted. We split it four ways, so I didn’t go overboard, but I was able to eat something that I truly love while staying in control.
4. Being aware of portion sizes and not overeating. As I mentioned, I haven’t had indigestion or heartburn all week, which is something that I suffered through often when I over ate. I had good size meals at several points in the week and ate to the point that I was full but not stuffed, but being conscious of how much I was eating really helped keep my consumption in check.

What didn’t work last week:
1. Planning ahead on the weekend is difficult. Our weekend plans are often fluid, and it can be hard to plan weekend meals in advance. This weekend I just went with the flow and tried to make the best choices possible in a given situation. (The Weight Watchers meeting topic next week is actually going to be “Secrets of Successful Weekends,” and I’m looking forward to hearing their advice.)
2. Running out of time to go to the gym. Saturday and Sunday were both busier than I expected, and I did not make it to the gym like I had hoped. I need to work on a set exercise schedule, including making time to work out during the week.
3. Getting too hungry and bingeing as a result. As I mentioned, I’m still working out how to eat well but stay full. There were a few points in the week that I got hungry but didn’t eat a snack between meals. On Thursday, in particular, I was so hungry by the time that I got home from work (but before dinner) that I demolished two pieces of bread with butter.

My goal by my next weigh-in is to work out 2 times.

Overall, I’m super thrilled with the results of this past week, and I’m hoping to repeat this success and see a similar result at the next weigh-in!

How do you ward off hunger between meals?

How have you lost weight without feeling deprived?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Weigh-In: Success!!

  1. Yay! Great job, rach, i’m so proud of and excited for you! A little unsolicited advice, the accountability thing works pretty well for work outs too! I keep a log of runs, and it helps push me. Mapmyrun.com has an application for both running/walking and other kind of workouts.

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