Fellow Blogger Friday: Beth’s Journey

One of my very first blog posts was about some of my favorite sources of inspiration, and I’m going to continue that conversation…

On Fridays, I’ve decided to feature a fellow blogger that inspires me in my fragrance, faith, and/or fitness journeys.

Beth’s Journey has inspired me in so many ways, and that is why I’ve chosen her page as my first feature. I stumbled upon Beth’s site a year or two ago when I was really searching for some healthy living inspiration, and I’ve been following her ever since. (I think her site is the first healthy living blog I ever came across.)

Beth and I are close in age and both live in the D.C. area–2 facts that really resonated with me. She lost almost 90 pounds by following the Weight Watchers plan and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

She became a Weight Watchers leader when she met her goal, and after following her blog for awhile, I tracked her down and started going to her Weight Watchers meetings. (She led the Tuesday morning meetings at the Weight Watchers store near my office–so coincidental!)

Beth stepped away from being a Weight Watchers leader this summer in order to focus on recovering from surgery she had to remove excess skin that was left after losing so much weight. The results are incredible! She is now including her plastic surgery journey as a key component of her blog.

I especially love Beth’s focus on whole foods on her blog and in her recipes. Sometimes it seems like Weight Watchers focuses on processed or low-fat foods a bit too much–especially because they have their own line of processed products–but I am more interested in “eating clean” and eating satisfying “real” food.

Beth recently posted this on Facebook:

Every January, US News and World Report releases the Best Diets list, and for 2014, they are releasing 8 real-life success stories along with the list. And a few weeks ago, they reached out and asked ME to be one of the success stories!!!! So tonight, I am going to be interviewed (on film!) about my weight loss journey and they will be making a video of me to release with the launch of the list! I’m so excited!!

I know Beth will continue to inspire me–and many others–as I continue on my journey!

Do you have a favorite fitness or healthy living blogger?


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