Monday Musings

Happy Monday and happy snow day!

While I am more than ready for spring, I am very happy to have an unexpected three-day weekend.  (Federal offices in D.C. are closed today because of the weather, and my office operates on the federal schedule even though we are a private non-profit.)  I’m grateful for the extra time to blog, clean, watch House of Cards, do laundry, and organize my Scentsy supplies.

Some thoughts for today:

1. Even in this lousy weather, I went to the gym this morning!

Killed it!

Killed it!

I fell asleep on the early side last night, and my cat woke me up before 5 a.m. this morning. I just could not go back to sleep after getting up to feed her, so instead of wasting the time, I decided to head to the gym. (Surprisingly, they were open on time!) I wasn’t planning on going today because of the bad weather and not having to work, but it really wasn’t terrible when I left the house around 6 a.m. (Another upside: the gym is part of the town center located just outside of our townhome community.) I’m so glad that I got in the hour walk on the treadmill (on a hills setting at 3.4 mph), because now I can spend the rest of the snow day doing sedentary things and not feel guilty! I also think it set me up to be productive today — it’s crazy how alert and motivated being active can make me feel!

2. Scentsy’s Spring/Summer 2014 catalog is here! I always love the excitement of transition, the bi-annual time when Scentsy’s catalog changes. One of my favorite things in the new catalog is Roosevelt the Rabbit:

Roosevelt, Scentsy's new Charitable Cause Buddy benefiting the March of Dimes' "imbornto" campaign

Roosevelt, Scentsy’s new Charitable Cause Buddy benefiting the March of Dimes “imbornto” campaign

Each catalog, Scentsy introduces a new charitable cause product. While often a warmer, the Spring/Summer 2014 charitable cause product is a Buddy! Scentsy Buddies include a Scent Pak that can be inserted into the back of the stuffed animal to emit a soft fragrance–perfect for children. For every sale of Roosevelt the Rabbit at $30, $6.50 will be donated to the March of Dimes “imbornto” campaign.

3. Wednesday is the first day of Lent: Although I’ve been attending an Anglican church for about 6 years, I’ve never really observed Lent faithfully. I’ve decided to do that this year and will post more about what that looks like for me later this week.

4. I started a “Workout Log” on the blog! I’d like to keep a consistent record of my workouts and figured that this is the perfect place to do that!  I tried to remember the best I could what I did last week, and starting today I will update the log regularly.

5. I’m looking forward to trying this new recipe this week:

I love this magazine!

I love this magazine!

I’ve been a Cooking Light subscriber for many years, but unfortunately, I don’t make as many dishes out of the magazine as I should. This recipe for “Chicken Cutlets with Mushrooms and Pearl Onions” featured on the cover was calling my name from the moment I pulled it out of the mailbox, and I look forward to trying it this week!

What is the weather like today where you are?

Have you gotten to take a look at the new Scentsy catalog? If so, what is your favorite new product?

Have you tried any new recipes lately? I’m always looking for recommendations!


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. I was so happy that we ended up with very little snow!

    Awesome workout! I agree that working out in the AM can really kick-start the day, but sadly it isn’t an option for me.

    I just recently got a subscription to Cooking Light, and so far, I’m liking it!

    • We ended up with 4-5 inches of snow yesterday on top of a layer of ice. Besides the major interstates, the roads are pretty bad this morning!

      I’m still trying to get the hang of working out in the morning. Changing your whole routine is hard! Luckily my start time at work is fairly flexible, which gives me a little room to play and figure this out.

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