Weigh-In Wednesday and Weekly Goals: March 12, 2014

Welcome back to Wednesday!

I’ve decided that with every Wednesday weigh-in, I’m going to set some goals for the coming week.  I will also report on my progress toward those alongside my weigh-in number.

But first, today’s magic number…


Unfortunately, I did not make it to the Zumba class that I mentioned I wanted to attend last night, because my commute home took nearly two hours. (Traffic was absolutely horrendous!) To make up for it, and to enjoy the nice evening weather, I took at 25 minute walk with our dog, Luna, instead. I didn’t burn nearly as many calories as I would have at Zumba, but I was glad that I didn’t totally give up when my plans changed. (Shout out to my hubby for the encouragement!)

Anyway, this week’s effort paid off, because…I am down another 1.8 pounds!



I now weigh 170.6 pounds, for a total loss of 6.4 pounds.

It’s a huge loss for one week, and one that I wasn’t expecting! Maybe the scale will correct itself next week, but for now, I’m definitely going to bask in it!


For my goals, by next week’s weigh-in, I will:

  • Lose 1 pound.
  • Attend back-to-back BodyPump and BodyCombat classes at my gym, Sport&Health, on Saturday morning.
  • Try two new recipes. (I think I have one covered for dinner tomorrow night.)

Also, once I reach a 10 pound total loss, I plan to buy myself a new workout outfit. I have a pair of really great Nike shorts, and I would like to find another pair of them.

Thank you for all of your support, friends!  I feel great and am so happy with my progress.

Have you ever been surprised, in a good way, by the scale?

Do you set weekly goals for yourself?


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