Weekend Wrap-Up: March 16, 2014

Happy weekend, everyone! (I know, it’s almost over, but it’s not Monday yet, so I can still celebrate…)

This weekend was a whirlwind. My hubby was out of town for the weekend, so I tried to make my time without him as productive as possible.

I stayed home on Friday night. I’m usually quite tired on Friday nights from the week’s routine, and this Friday was no exception. I enjoyed leftover fajitas at home and then did some work on the blog and my Twitter page. I also figured out how to make a blog reader for myself using Feedly. What a cool website!

On Saturday morning, I made a list of the things that I wanted to accomplish for the rest of the weekend. I’m happy to say that I did get done 75% of them!

My biggest accomplishment on Saturday was reaching one of my goals for the week–I attended back-to-back BodyPump and BodyCombat classes at my gym! What an incredible morning workout!

I absolutely loved the BodyPump class. While I know that weight lifting is essential for creating a lean physique, it’s not something I will usually do on my own. The class, with a combination of bar work and some free weights, uses great music to make the time pass quickly and an instructor to encourage proper form. When I had done it in the past, I used too much weight and was in serious pain for days. I started small and only added a total of 5 pounds to my bar this time. I’m still quite sore today, but it’s a good sore. I know it means I am getting stronger.

Here is my current motto:

(I’ve loved Kelly Clarkson since she was on American Idol, and I saw her in concert last summer at Scentsy Convention in Indianapolis! She was excellent and so down-to-earth: she played most of her set without wearing shoes.)

I also felt so accomplished completing a full BodyCombat class after BodyPump. The session was pretty intense, with lots of kickboxing and martial arts type moves. I will definitely do it again, because it is a great workout and immediately follows BodyPump on Saturday mornings, but I think I prefer Zumba.

The weather was so amazing on Saturday afternoon–about 70 degrees and sunny–that I decided to make my lunch on the grill outside. After doing some work around the house, I took our dog for a delightful 35 minute walk. (After working out so much in the morning and walking in the afternoon, I hit 15,000 daily steps on my FitBit!)

On Saturday night, I went out with three of my best girlfriends to one of my top restaurant picks, Lebanese Taverna. I’m having a love affair with Mediterranean food recently, because the cuisine is so delicious, fresh, and relatively healthy. And as much as I love the hummus that you can buy at the grocery store, nothing compares to the fresh stuff that you can get at the restaurant.

This morning was filled by church, and afterward I treated myself to lunch at Panera. I had alot of errands to run, and getting a quick bite to eat somewhere seemed easier than going home and having to go back out again. I’m having a love affair with Panera right now, too, for almost the same reasons that I love Mediterranean food: if you plan it right, you can get a really delicious meal for a reasonable amount of calories. (And their kettle cooked potato chips, which I really love, are only 150 calories.)

After all of those errands this afternoon, I finally made it to the gym tonight in the last hour that it was open! They had to tell me to leave at closing time, just as I was finishing by stretching. My legs felt like lead, but I still managed to get in a great workout:


I will be honest, though–probably my primary motivation for going to the gym today was to indulge in these without going over my daily calorie target:



For those observing Lent, every Sunday is a feast day, when the Lenten fast can be broken.  I did not break my fast last Sunday, because I felt that I had done enough damage with the Dominos pizza that I ate, but I decided to enjoy a treat tonight. Wegmans, my favorite grocery store on the planet–which also happens to be just across the street from our townhome development (like my gym)–has some of the best cookies around. Aptly named, their Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies were exactly what I wanted. I enjoyed them with 1 cup of milk, which I also really haven’t had since I cut out sweets.

While the weekend was good, I really didn’t get to relax much (with the exception of Friday night). Even though it was 70 degrees yesterday, it is snowing again, and I’m holding out for a delayed opening tomorrow, at least.

Have you ever tried BodyCombat? What did you think?

What is your favorite treat? Those chocolate chip cookies rank very high on my list!


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