Happy What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW), friends!  Here is a peek into what I ate yesterday, April 1, 2014.

Thank you for hosting the WIAW link-up, Jenn!

Breakfast: Quaker Real Medleys Blueberry Hazelnut Oatmeal +


I have become a big fan of these Real Medleys oatmeal cups from Quaker. They are packed with whole grains and nuts, and they keep me full until lunchtime for less than 300 calories! I also love that they are super portable, because I often eat breakfast at work. You just take off the lid, add water to the fill line, and microwave. In addition to the Blueberry Hazelnut, I really like the Apple Walnut variety, too.

Lunch: Leftover Puerto Rican Meatloaf, Garlic Smashed Potatoes from Wegmans (about 1/2 cup), sautéed green beans (about 1 cup), and fresh blueberries (about 1/4 cup)


This is what I call a multiple container lunch. I ate everything out of its own individual container, too!

I’m completely obsessed with this meatloaf.  It is  my mother-in-law’s recipe, and I’ve affectionately dubbed it “Puerto Rican Meatloaf.” The recipe contains two of the staples of Puerto Rican cuisine: sofrito and Adobo. The meatloaf is made on the stove top instead of in the oven and has a simple, delicious sauce made from canned tomato bisque soup, water, and plain Hunts Tomato Sauce. The recipe is finished by adding two thinly sliced onions on top in the last 30 minutes of cooking. I used 95% lean ground beef when I made it this last time, and although it was a bit drier, I felt good knowing that I made this favorite as healthy as possible.

I am totally in love with these mashed potatoes from the prepared foods section at Wegmans. Mashed potatoes have long been my favorite food, but I don’t make them from scratch anymore because they just can’t compare with these.

Sautéed green beans with garlic salt and Adobo are a staple in our house. I make them at least once per week. They also made an appearance in last week’s WIAW post!

These blueberries look so delicious and colorful, but unfortunately, their taste does not match their appearance. Something is off with the texture. (I guess that’s what I get for buying them out of season.) I actually paid about $9 for 18 ounces of them, so I’m not going to waste them, but I probably won’t eat many more of them plain. I may make smoothies or muffins; I haven’t quite decided.

Dinner: Wegmans Zesty Savory Sirloin Kabob and 1/2 russet baked potato with 1/2 tbsp. butter and 1 tbsp. shredded cheddar cheese

IMG_20140401_072957826_HDR IMG_20140401_184005251_HDR

Spring has officially arrived when Wegmans starts selling kabobs again!  Last night we enjoyed our first kabobs of the season.

Wegmans assembles these kabobs and sells them ready-made. All you need to do is throw them on the grill at home and brush on some extra marinade, if you choose. They have a variety of flavors of both beef and chicken, but the Zesty Savory Marinade is our favorite.

I always serve the kabobs with a baked potato. This time, I only ate half of a potato but added some butter and cheese.

This meal is my absolute favorite of spring and summer!


And there you have it! I even stayed within my calorie target for the day, which I haven’t been so great at doing in the past week.

Also, as you can see, I’m really not a big snacker. I prefer full meals that cover a number of the food groups! I think it has to do with how I was raised; we were definitely a meat and potatoes family.

Do you have a favorite spring/summer meal? I can’t get enough of grilling! It is so healthy, and the clean-up is so easy.


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