Weigh-In Wednesday and Weekly Goals: April 23, 2014

Happy Weigh-In Wednesday, everyone!

I achieved a huge goal from last week — I didn’t gain any weight over the Easter holiday!


I now weigh 164.4 pounds — 12.6 pounds down from my starting weight of 177, and 0.2 pounds down from my official weight from last week. I’m thrilled!

I ate quite a bit in the past week — definitely more indulgently than I normally would, with lots of Indian food, macaroni and cheese, and cupcakes — but at no point was I sickeningly full. I didn’t even measure or record anything that I ate on Easter Sunday. Maybe I’m just finally getting the hang of knowing and sticking to reasonable portion sizes.


Progress toward last week’s goals:

  • Goal: Maintain my current weight. Progress: Achieved! Hooray!
  • Goal: Work out 4 times and continue with the C25k plan. Progress: Did not achieve, unfortunately. I only worked out two times (Saturday and Monday). I really need to make this a priority again. The bright spot here: I registered for a 5k to be held June 21st! Now it’s time to get back to training in earnest.
  • Goal: Develop a set weekly exercise schedule. Progress: The past week was so busy that I haven’t focused on and completed this yet. My plan is to do this on Saturday — I actually don’t have any definite plans for the day — and I’ll post about it over the weekend.


Goals for the next week:

  • Goal: Lose 1 pound. It’s time to get back to losing! And I’m on my way — I stayed within my calorie goal set by MyFitnessPal for today!
  • Goal: Try 1 new recipe. Now that Easter is over and things have calmed down a bit, I want to get back to trying more new recipes. I have my eye on these Italian Meatball Sliders from Cooking Light.
  • Goal: Work out 4 times and continue with the C25k plan. Tentative work out days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
  • Goal: Finalize a weekly exercise schedule and stick to it.


Overall, I’m thrilled that I thoroughly enjoyed a major holiday without gaining any weight. My progress and success so far is so motivating! I would love to hit a total of 20 pounds lost by the time we go to Virginia Beach on June 6th. (Come to think of it, I never did decide how I want to reward myself once I achieve my 20 pounds lost milestone…)

Do you measure and weigh your food to ensure proper portion sizes, or are you pretty good at estimating? I still weigh and/or measure a lot of things, but I’m definitely getting better at knowing sizes or weights just by looking.


3 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesday and Weekly Goals: April 23, 2014

  1. Yay! You’re doing so great! If you’re able to-and I know, timing can be pretty tricky-a lot of running plans recommend staggering your workouts-an every other day sort of method, since running can be pretty punishing (you should see me go down a flight of stairs!)and then you have a day off to recover. Just something to consider! 🙂

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