WIAW #11, Weigh-In Wednesday Update, and Some Race News

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Stay tuned for my What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) update, and keep reading for a few other newsworthy items!


Here is a look at what I ate yesterday — Tuesday, June 24, 2014.

Breakfast: Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt with Peach and 1/3 cup maple and cinnamon granola


The usual. (I raved about this combo at length on WIAW #1.)

Morning Snack: Sargento Colby Jack Cheese Stick


I got pretty hungry yesterday around 11 a.m., so I reached for a colby jack cheese stick (only 80 calories) to hold me over until lunch.

Lunch: Mexican feast — officially known as the Tijuana — at Lauriol Plaza

So, remember in WIAW #7, when I had leftovers from Lauriol Plaza? Well, I ordered the same meal yesterday, and I didn’t bring anything back. I went to lunch with my team at work to welcome a new staff member, and I went completely overboard!


This picture doesn’t even capture all of the chips, salsa, and guacamole that I ate, or the tortillas for my fajitas. Fortunately, I probably only had a quarter cup of that rice. Everything else (with the exception of some of the veggies) was gone!

Sometimes, I think it is easier to keep my portions in check when I am by myself, as I was the last time I went to Lauriol Plaza. Everyone was still eating yesterday when I should have stopped after one fajita, and I didn’t really want to take leftovers back because we have so much food in the fridge at home to use, so I just kept going. And I ended up being way overfull. When that happens — and it still does occasionally, even though I am exponentially more conscious of my eating habits — I think back to how I used to eat and can’t believe that I consumed that much in one sitting on the regular.

For what it’s worth, every bite was seriously fantastic. And those refried black beans…drinkable. And the 3 jumbo grilled shrimp that come with this meal (which sets the Tijuana apart from their standard chicken fajitas) are some of the meatiest and best I’ve had.

Head to WIAW #7 for another recap of how much I love this meal.

Dinner: Wild caught sockeye salmon fillet with 1/4 cup Wegmans Citrus Soy Sauce and 1 cup broccoli

Since I way overdid it at lunch, dinner was small. I thought about not eating anything at all for dinner, but I wasn’t sure that I could make it all the way to this morning without having anything.

Unfortunately, I totally forgot to take a picture of my plated meal, but I was able to get a photo of the components.


Wegmans Citrus Soy Sauce is amazing on salmon — likely on any kind of fish. My hubby brushes a little bit of my 1/4 cup allotment on the fillet while he is grilling, and I dump the remainder on the salmon when it is finished.

(Have I ever mentioned how much I love sauce of any kind? Gravy, tomato sauce, marinades — if it’s a sauce, I love lots of it.)


Even after putting some butter on my broccoli, this meal only came to 375 calories.

As always, it was a great day of eats. (How could it not be, when I went to Lauriol Plaza?)

Thank you for hosting the WIAW link-up, Jenn!


And now for a brief “Weigh-in Wednesday” update…

Even after eating so much yesterday, this morning I was down 0.2 pounds! That means I sustained my fantastic 2.6 pound loss from last week, and I even added to it!

IMG_20140625_061312643_HDR (1)

I would really like to see a 1 pound loss next week to put me even more on track to losing a total of 30 pounds by Labor Day, but for now, I’m thrilled with this.


One more thing to share…

I signed up to run two more races in the coming months!

I am doing another 5k, the Run! Geek! Run! 5k, in Fairfax, Virginia, on August 24, 2014. As I mentioned in my recap of last weekend’s race, I am aiming to finish this one in 33:30.

On October 26, 2014, I will be running the Marine Corps Marathon 10k in Washington, D.C.! There are 9 weeks between the Run! Geek! Run! race and this 10k — exactly enough time for me to complete Active.com’s 5k to 10k training.

I’m going to keep track of all of my race times and my upcoming runs on the new “Race Schedule” page that I created.


I really couldn’t be happier with how things are going.

Do you have a type of food that you can’t get enough of? Man, I love Mexican food. And Indian food. And Italian food. I basically just love food.

Have you caught the racing bug? I think that I officially have!

Fit Foodie 5k Race Recap and Weigh-In Wednesday Update

Happy Saturday, everyone!

My weekend got off to a great start with the Fit Foodie 5k this morning!

I started training for a 5k back in late March (I decided that it would be helpful for my weight loss efforts to have a fitness goal), and I signed up for the Fit Foodie 5k, which was organized by Cooking Light and Health magazines, in late April. It seemed like such a long way off when I signed up, and I can’t believe that it has already come and gone!

My hubby decided to participate in the Fit Foodie 5k, too! I signed up to run the race independently — I didn’t ask any other friends or family to do it with me — and when he realized that, he said that he would sign up, so I wouldn’t have to do it alone. I was so grateful for his support!


Goofing off before the race

We arrived at the Mosaic District, the town center in Fairfax, Virginia, where the race was held, just before 8 a.m. We went to pick up our race bibs after we parked, and then it was time to wait for the group warm-up stretch at 8:30.


Scoping out the starting line

Pre-race selfie

Pre-race selfie

It started raining while we were waiting for the stretch to start, but thankfully it stopped about 15 minutes before the race began. (Although it would have been great to run in the sunshine, today’s cool temperatures were so welcome after having several 90+ degree days this week!)

The pre-race stretch, which incorporated some yoga poses, was led by Kristin McGee, celebrity trainer and Health magazine contributing yoga and wellness editor.


Kristin McGee leading our group stretch

After stretching for 10-15 minutes, the race emcee led the crowd in a warm-up dance to Pharrell’s “Happy.” It was so fun and energizing! Then it was time to head to the starting line!

The race started and ended at the same place. There were so many more people participating in the race than I expected — over 1,000! My hubby and I were in wave 5, and I don’t think we were even the last group to go.

The course began within the town center and extended through the surrounding neighborhoods and office buildings.

I am happy to report that I sustained my run for about the first 12 minutes — over the 1st mile! I honestly wish that I hadn’t stopped to walk when I did, because it was definitely difficult to start running again. This is definitely a lesson for my next race: when I think I need to stop, don’t — push through and keep going!

I walked for about 3 minutes and then started running again, and I think I ran for about another 4 minutes or so before stopping to walk again. I kind of lost track of my interval lengths after that. I think I ended up running about half of the race and walking about half of it.

It started raining again about 3/4 of the way through, but it didn’t pour, thankfully. Around that time, I saw Ashley of Coffee Cake and Cardio, another D.C. health and fitness blogger, on the course!

As I neared the end of the race, I made sure to run through the downhill stretches and the last portion before the finish line.

Although I wish I hadn’t walked as much as I did, I am thrilled with the outcome of the race! My goal was to finish in 35 minutes, and I did!


I finished the only other 5k in which I’ve participated, the 2011 D.C. Undy 5000, in something like 40 or 42 minutes. I didn’t train for that race at all, and I walked a majority of it. I’m thrilled that I’ve improved so much!

After we finished the run, it was time to eat! Local chefs and eateries set up tents in the Finishers Village and were offering small tasting plates. Cooking Light and Health also had a tasting tent and offered some workout and cooking demonstrations.


Before we ate, my hubby and I decided to each buy a race tee-shirt. (I wanted to commemorate my success! I decided to get a tank top to wear to work out this summer.)



This is my new motto.

Unfortunately, by the time we went to the car to get a credit card and then stood in line to make the tee-shirt purchase, many of the vendors had already run out of food. That was definitely disappointing, but we were still able to try some things.

I really liked the samples in the Cooking Light/Health tent: pulled pork tacos and a salad with beef tenderloin.


Both meats that were used are part of Cooking Light‘s new refrigerated, pre-made entrees and sides sold at Super Target and BJ’s. I had no idea that either of the meats were not freshly prepared until one of the tent volunteers handed us a coupon for them. Both were delicious!

Since we didn’t get to try too many of the food samples, and my hubby was hungry, we decided to go for an early lunch at Cava Mezze Grill, which was located directly across the street from the Cooking Light/Health tent.


I’m a huge fan of Cava’s sit down restaurants — I featured one of my meals there in one of my first WIAW posts — and I really liked the fast-casual Cava Grill when I tried it once before. My hubby had never been to either of Cava’s offerings, and since he really liked the pita chips and dip from Cava that we sampled minutes before in the Finishers Village, we decided to go.

Cava Grill’s concept closely resembles Chipotle, only with Mediterranean food — you select whether you want a bowl, pita sandwich, or salad; select a protein; and add as many toppings as you would like. I went with a bowl filled with basmati rice, chicken, hummus, harissa, a small scoop of tomatoes and onions, some pita chip strips, and feta cheese.


We got a fresh pita and extra hummus on the side, and my hubby also bought a side of pita chips midway through the meal, because he liked the strips in his bowl so much.

Cooking Light/Health‘s workout and cooking demonstrations lasted until about 12:30 p.m., but we decided to head home after we finished lunch.

I promptly showered upon arriving home around 12:20 p.m., and spent the next several hours dozing in bed with the TV on — some well-deserved relaxation!

Overall, it was an absolutely fantastic morning, despite the rainy weather. I couldn’t be happier with my race time, and the race organizers made the experience a lot of fun.

I never thought that I would turn into a runner, but I think that this is the start of something beautiful! I’m actually already thinking about signing up for another race! I want to compete with myself and gradually improve my completion time. (I’ve already decided that my goal for my next race is 33:30!)


And now for a brief Weigh-In Wednesday update, since I neglected to do so earlier this week:


I’m down 2.6 pounds since last weighing myself before our Virginia Beach vacation! My total loss is now 19.6 pounds. I’m so thrilled! I’m so close to hitting a total loss of 20 pounds and well on my way to losing a total of 30 pounds by Labor Day.

Instead of setting new goals, as I had been with each previous Weigh-In Wednesday update, I’m just going to keep working toward the goals that I set for the summer.


I couldn’t be happier with my weight loss and ever-improving fitness! Physically, I feel the best that I have in years, and achieving my goals is a huge boost of confidence.

Do you enjoy participating in races?

Weigh-In Wednesday and Weekly Goals: April 30, 2014

Hi friends! I’m a bit off of my normal posting schedule this week, and I unfortunately ran out of time to write my weekly “Weigh-In Wednesday” update last night. So, here it is one day late. Better late than never, right?

I was shocked and thrilled when I stepped on the scale yesterday morning! I’m down another 2.2 pounds, for a total loss of 14.8 pounds since I started in February!


Even if I don’t always make the best food choices, I think my body is happy with the portion sizes that I’m eating. (I’m still totally hooked on tracking everything in MyFitnessPal!) I think that building some muscle has something to do with these successes, too, since muscle burns more calories than fat when at rest!


Progress toward last week’s goals:

  • Goal: Lose 1 pound. Status: Totally achieved!  Hooray!
  • Goal: Try 1 new recipe. Status: Unfortunately, I did not achieve this goal this week. I really wanted to make these Italian Meatball Sliders from Cooking Light — I put them on my weekly “menu” and bought all of the ingredients on Saturday — but we went to a family party on Sunday and — you guessed it — had meatball sandwiches. (They totally hit the spot, though!) For that reason, I decided to hold off on these until late next week. I’m happy that I already have everything I need to make them!
  • Goal: Work out 4 times and continue with the C25k plan. Status: Sadly, I only worked out once last week. I’m still stuck in a rut. I’m think that what I did for my goal below will help…
  • Goal: Finalize a weekly exercise schedule and stick to it. Status: I finally sat down to finalize a revised version of the weekly schedule that I made in the fall. (I apologize for not posting about it this past weekend like I promised.) I feel like this weekly schedule incorporates our existing routines more realistically than the one that I made before.

MASTER 24 Hour Schedule

I’m so schedule-oriented most of the time that I’m really hoping this will motivate me to stick to a routine. (I have heard that a routine is what is going to keep you going when motivation inevitably fades, as it seems to be happening with working out for me.) I think it will be best for me if I update this on Sunday nights and tailor it for each coming week — which I will do for the first time this weekend.

Probably the day that I am most apprehensive about is Thursday… I really want to get in two BodyPump classes per week, but going on Wednesday night is just not feasible with our existing dinner routine. The next best solution is going to Sport&Health for the 5 a.m. class on Thursday morning, in addition to Saturday at 9:30 a.m. I may find that I actually like going to classes that early… I guess I won’t know until I try! There is something about the thought of getting up at 4:45 that makes me want to cry, though.


Goals for the next week:

  • Goal: Lose 1 pound.
  • Goal: Stick with my new daily routine, including exercise! I need to get back to training for the Fit Foodie 5k in June!

I’m not going to make a recipe goal for this week because most of our dinners until next weigh-in are already accounted for.


Overall, I’m thrilled with my progress and the lasting changes that I have made in regard to my eating habits. Now I just have to get back on the exercise wagon!

Do you find that you are schedule-oriented? My family all makes fun of me, because I’m the keeper of the calendar. I’m basically the master scheduler for my husband and me.

Weigh-In Wednesday and Weekly Goals: April 23, 2014

Happy Weigh-In Wednesday, everyone!

I achieved a huge goal from last week — I didn’t gain any weight over the Easter holiday!


I now weigh 164.4 pounds — 12.6 pounds down from my starting weight of 177, and 0.2 pounds down from my official weight from last week. I’m thrilled!

I ate quite a bit in the past week — definitely more indulgently than I normally would, with lots of Indian food, macaroni and cheese, and cupcakes — but at no point was I sickeningly full. I didn’t even measure or record anything that I ate on Easter Sunday. Maybe I’m just finally getting the hang of knowing and sticking to reasonable portion sizes.


Progress toward last week’s goals:

  • Goal: Maintain my current weight. Progress: Achieved! Hooray!
  • Goal: Work out 4 times and continue with the C25k plan. Progress: Did not achieve, unfortunately. I only worked out two times (Saturday and Monday). I really need to make this a priority again. The bright spot here: I registered for a 5k to be held June 21st! Now it’s time to get back to training in earnest.
  • Goal: Develop a set weekly exercise schedule. Progress: The past week was so busy that I haven’t focused on and completed this yet. My plan is to do this on Saturday — I actually don’t have any definite plans for the day — and I’ll post about it over the weekend.


Goals for the next week:

  • Goal: Lose 1 pound. It’s time to get back to losing! And I’m on my way — I stayed within my calorie goal set by MyFitnessPal for today!
  • Goal: Try 1 new recipe. Now that Easter is over and things have calmed down a bit, I want to get back to trying more new recipes. I have my eye on these Italian Meatball Sliders from Cooking Light.
  • Goal: Work out 4 times and continue with the C25k plan. Tentative work out days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
  • Goal: Finalize a weekly exercise schedule and stick to it.


Overall, I’m thrilled that I thoroughly enjoyed a major holiday without gaining any weight. My progress and success so far is so motivating! I would love to hit a total of 20 pounds lost by the time we go to Virginia Beach on June 6th. (Come to think of it, I never did decide how I want to reward myself once I achieve my 20 pounds lost milestone…)

Do you measure and weigh your food to ensure proper portion sizes, or are you pretty good at estimating? I still weigh and/or measure a lot of things, but I’m definitely getting better at knowing sizes or weights just by looking.

Weigh-In Wednesday and Weekly Goals: April 16, 2014

Welcome to this week’s installment of Weigh-In Wednesday!  Let’s get right down to it.

By some miracle, I’m down 1.8 pounds!


The scale is actually playing tricks on me again — I got a few readings of 164.4 — but just to be safe, I went with the higher number as my official weight.

I’m not really sure how this loss happened, because (as planned) I wasn’t overly vigilant about my eating habits this past week, and I barely worked out (which wasn’t planned). I will definitely take it, though! (I do think that one of the things that really helped was travelling over 25,000 steps on Saturday, mostly due to my time at the Cherry Blossom Festival!)


Progress toward last week’s goals:

  • Goal: Maintain my current weight. Status: Exceeded! I’m elated!
  • Goal: Work out 4 times and continue with the C25k plan. Status: I actually fell very short here — I’ve only exercised once in the past week. I’m finding it very difficult again to get out of bed in the mornings to work out, and my weekends have been very busy. I just need to stop making excuses and get back to it.


Goals for the next week:

  • Goal: Maintain my current weight. Just like I mentioned last week, I know my eating in the coming week is going to be a bit more indulgent than usual, because my family is coming into town, and it’s Easter. I want to enjoy myself this weekend without worrying too much about my intake, so I’m going to moderate expectations and just aim to not gain anything.
  • Goal: Work out 4 times and continue with the C25k plan. I think this is actually very achievable this week. I already plan on working out on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, and Monday morning. I think getting back into an exercise routine will help me keep my weight steady after eating a lot this coming weekend.
  • Goal: Develop a set weekly exercise schedule. A trusted adviser of mine recommended that I do this, and I know she’s right, because it will get me in a rhythm. I developed a weekly schedule last fall, but I didn’t stick to it. I think it’s time to take a second look and develop a realistic plan that I can really implement.


I couldn’t be happier with the results of this past week, however undeserved.

Do you give yourself the freedom to indulge on holidays, or do you still try to eat healthfully? Maybe it’s the wrong approach, but I’m all about letting loose! Each holiday only comes once per year.

Do you have a set workout schedule that you follow each week?

Weigh-In Wednesday and Weekly Goals: April 9, 2014

Welcome to Weigh-In Wednesday — when I am accountable on the scale for the decisions that I made in the past week.

And here is what the scale is saying to me this week:


This isn’t entirely true — I did work out four times like I set out to do. But I was definitely more lax in my food choices, and it showed on the scale.


I’m only down 0.2 pounds. Thankfully, though, I did not gain, like I was fearing.

Some things that I’ve realized:

1. Cutting out sweets has helped immensely, but it is not the only “food group” of which I need to be aware.

2. What I eat matters, even when I am conscious of how much I eat. I heard somewhere — maybe it was back in Weight Watchers — that weight loss is 70% what you eat and 30% exercise. I’ve also heard that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. My experience this week is a testament to both of these things. I probably staved off weight gain because of how much I exercised, but my food choices were too high in calories for me to lose anything.

3. I need to re-incorporate lean proteins in my diet. I ate quite a bit of chuck roast and short ribs this past week — two very delicious but not very lean cuts of beef — and when I was really losing a few weeks ago, I was eating more fish and hardly any beef.

4. MyFitnessPal’s and FitBit’s calculations are pretty accurate. Not that I ever doubted them, per say, but I have wondered how they come up with their formulas. However they do it, following their parameters works. Case in point: I did not stay within my daily calorie goal at all this past week, with the exception of 1 day, and I really didn’t lose any weight.

5. I love food. I’ve always known this about myself. The goal now is to love it in a healthy way — enjoying what I eat but not overeating, and making more healthful choices overall.

6. Healthy eating is harder when going out to eat. (That’s a no-brainer, right?) It’s not impossible, but preparation and commitment are necessary. I love it, though, and sometimes I just need to take the easy way out — like tonight, when my husband wanted to go out and I obliged, because making the effort to cook just wasn’t happening. Going out for a meal with friends and family is also my primary means of socialization.


Progress toward last week’s goals:

  • Goal: Lose 1 pound. Status: Did not achieve. I’m not surprised, though.
  • Goal: Try 1 new recipe. Status: Achieved! I made Mushroom-Stuffed Chicken from Cooking Light on Monday night, and it was great! Bonus points for my hubby loving it and calling it “another winner.”
  • Goal: Work out 4 times and continue with the C25k plan. Status: Achieved — and it felt great! (See my Workout Log for what I did.)


Goals for the next week:

  • Goal: Maintain my current weight. I’m moderating expectations here: we went out for dinner tonight, and I know I am going out for lunch on Thursday, dinner on Friday, lunch on Saturday, and probably dinner on Saturday. (My parents are coming into town this weekend for the Cherry Blossom Festival.) I want to make wise choices — like more fish and less beef — but I also want to be realistic.
  • Goal: Work out 4 times and continue with the C25k plan.


One parting thought:


My new mac and cheese cookbook arrived a day early!  (Amazon is the best.)

I can’t wait to try one or two of these recipes for Easter — a day when all bets are off.

Thanks, as always, for your support, friends!

Do you find it easy or difficult to make healthy choices when you go out to dinner? I think the nature of dining out just lends itself to eating more — especially when soup and/or salad and the bread basket are complimentary.

Weigh-In Wednesday and Weekly Goals: April 2, 2014

Welcome to the first Weigh-in Wednesday with my new scale!

I read some reviews on Amazon and took into account some recommendations from friends, and I ended up going with the EatSmart Precision GetFit scale. The $50 sale price was right for all of its capabilities: besides measuring weight, it also measures BMI, total body water, muscle mass, and bone mass.

So far, I love it!  I stepped on the scale several times this morning to see if there were any variances in the measurement, and there were none! My weight was exactly the same each time.

I’m happy to report that I’ve officially passed the 10 pounds lost milestone!



I’m down 0.6 pounds since my last weigh-in — or at least the measurement I counted at my last weigh-in — for a total loss of 10.4 pounds.

I’ve now earned that workout outfit! One of my friends suggested this Legally Blonde-inspired tank, which I love!


It’s time to formulate a new goal for when I’m down 20 pounds. I’ll determine one before next week’s weigh-in.


However, I must be honest — I feel like I’ve just gotten really lucky with this weigh-in. I did not do well with exercising this past week, and my eating over the weekend was rough. (I was about 1,000 calories over my goal both Saturday and Sunday, and I really didn’t make up for that overage at another point in the week.)

I think I need to re-focus and re-commit. I need to remind myself why I’m doing this, and why it’s worth the effort:

1. Because Jesus bought me at a price, God calls me to be a good steward of my body. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

2. I feel so much better already and have so much more energy, and I want to improve even more.

3. When we are ready to start a family, I want to be in the best health possible.

4. I have a family history full of health problems and want to do all that is in my control to avoid them. Some things are hereditary and inevitable, but I want to do what I can to prevent the preventable.

5. I want to feel good about myself — especially regarding my appearance — and continue to gain confidence.

6. I want to prove to myself that I can start something and finish it through my own hard work.

7. I want to look good for my husband.

8. I want to live the fullest life possible. To serve others and enjoy the journey, good health is essential.

I am blessed by the idea of a new week — a new start. I’m going to take these reminders to heart and do my best this coming week!



Progress toward last week’s goals:

  • Goal: Achieve a total loss of 10 pounds. Status: I did it! I’m thrilled!
  • Goal: Try 1 new recipe. Status: Did not achieve. Unfortunately, this week got away from me.
  • Goal: Hit the gym 4 times and start the C25k plan. Status: Mostly did not achieve. Unfortunately, I tweaked my leg last Wednesday night at BodyPump and decided to take Thursday off — which turned into Friday off, and Saturday, and Sunday. Even though I am legitimately busy, fitness needs to be a priority. (As my accountability partner told me early on, I need to work at this like it’s my second job.) Also, the more I work out, the more I can eat and still lose 1 pound per week! Small victory, though — I did start the C25k plan on Monday morning! Week 1, Workout 1 is complete.


Goals for the next week:

  • Goal: Lose 1 pound.
  • Goal: Try 1 new recipe. (I already have my eye on a few!)
  • Goal: Work out 4 times and continue with the C25k plan.


A parting thought from one of my favorite bloggers, Clare at Peak313 Fitness:

You will encounter A LOT of people who aren’t on the same track as you, which can lead to you getting off yours since it feels lonely. But I also want you to remember that there are A LOT of people who are — you just may not be in the same circle. Stay focused. Block out the haters. Keep your eyes on the prize. (Applicable to more areas than just health!)


In the words of my hubby, when I failed to get up to work out this morning: “Don’t be lazy. That’s my job.”

How do you re-motivate yourself when you get off track? 

What should be my reward when I reach my 20 pounds lost milestone? 

Weigh-In Wednesday and Weekly Goals: March 26, 2014

Today marks one month since I re-started blogging about my weight-loss journey!  Woo hoo!

And, I can happily report that I had a fantastic loss this week!

Major victory!

Major victory!

I lost 2.8 pounds, for a total of 9.8 pounds since I started!

Now, I must add the caveat that my scale is acting screwy, and I plan on buying a new one before weighing in next Wednesday. I stepped on the scale several times in a few minute period this morning, and I got several different readings. However, many of them were actually in the 166’s, so I chose a measurement that appeared a few times that was a bit more conservative, just in case.

If this was an abnormal loss, the scale will correct itself next week. But I am beyond thrilled with my results! Only 0.2 pounds to go, and I’ve officially earned a new workout outfit!


Progress toward last week’s goals:

  • Goal: Lose 1 pound. Status: Achieved! Hooray!
  • Goal: Go to the gym on 5 out of the 7 days. Status: Did not achieve. I actually only went to the gym 3 times in the last week, because we hiked outside as a family on Saturday morning. I also wanted to get to Zumba last night, but I ran out of time after making myself dinner. I think I need to continue moderating expectations and realize that I’m probably not going to be able to attend exercise classes on weeknights, unless I head there right after work without going home first (like I did with the 6:30 p.m. BodyPump class today and plan to continue doing).
  • Goal: Try 1 new recipe. Achieved! See my write-up here on the Tilapia with Lemon-Garlic Sauce recipe from Cooking Light that I made last night.
  • Goal: Formulate a fitness goal. Status: Achieved. I am going to start following the Couch to 5k (C25k) running plan! The workouts might be a bit too easy at first, since I have been walking/jogging for several weeks now, but on those days, I’ll supplement with another form of cardio. I also plan on going to BodyPump two times per week (Wednesdays and Saturdays).

I am a little nervous about starting the C25k plan again, since I had such a bad time starting it in the fall, but I am determined!  I haven’t signed up for a race yet, because I do want to moderate and go at the best pace for me, but it is definitely on my mind.

By next week’s weigh-in, I will:

  • Achieve a total loss of 10 pounds. (While I aim to lose 1 pound each week, I had such a huge loss this week — and because my scale might be off — that I want to be realistic about what I might see next time.)
  • Try 1 new recipe.
  • Hit the gym 4 times — I already got one session in tonight — and start the C25k plan.

All-in-all, this was a very successful “Weigh-in Wednesday”! (I also want to give a shout out to Lindsay, who started her own “Weigh-in Wednesday” journey today.)

Do you use a scale that you particularly like?  I’m debating if I want to get one with all of the bells and whistles, including the capability to measure BMI, or just stick to something simple that (accurately) gets the job done.

Weigh-In Wednesday and Weekly Goals: March 19, 2014

Happy “Weigh-In Wednesday,” everybody!

Let’s get right down to it…

I lost 0.6 pounds this week! I now weigh 170.0 pounds exactly.

So exact!

So exact!

Unfortunately, though, this means that I did not meet my weekly goal of losing 1 pound.

I think my weigh-in this morning was impacted by several things: I lost a lot of weight last week (1.8 pounds) and suspected the scale would even out; I did not work out on Monday or on Tuesday; and we went to P.F. Chang’s for dinner on Tuesday night. All of the salt in the (delicious) P.F. Chang’s food and the fact that I exceeded my daily goal by about 350 calories did nothing to help my weigh-in this morning.

However, in the 28 days that I’ve been tracking my intake and daily movement, I’ve lost 7 pounds! That is an average of 1.75 pounds per week, about which I’m absolutely thrilled. I’m almost positive that I never lost this much weight any of the other times that I’ve tried.


Progress toward last week’s goals:

  • Goal: Lose 1 pound. Status: Did not achieve; fell short by 0.4 pounds.
  • Goal: Try 2 new recipes. Status: Half-achieved. Last Thursday, I made Parmesan and Pine Nut-Crusted Oven-Fried Chicken from the March issue of Cooking Light. It was delicious, and my hubby loved it, too! Unfortunately, though, I ran out of time to try a second new recipe this week.

By next week’s weigh-in, I will:

  • Lose 1 pound.
  • Go to the gym on 5 out of the 7 days. (Since I went this morning, I already have one day down!)
  • Try 1 new recipe.
  • Formulate a fitness goal. (A friend recommended that I do this, and I think she’s right. I think this will give me some direction in my workouts on the days when I’m not taking a fitness class.)

Overall, I feel great and am thrilled with how this journey is unfolding. There is always room for improvement, but I’m so happy with how far I’ve already come.

A parting thought–another anthem:

I’m a survivor
I’m not gon’ give up
I’m not gon’ stop
I’m gon’ work harder

Do you have any healthy recipe recommendations? I would love some suggestions, especially for recipes not obviously healthy. My hubby was pleasantly surprised by the quality and relative healthiness of the oven-fried chicken.

Do you have a song that you use as a personal anthem? They can be so motivating!

Weigh-In Wednesday and Weekly Goals: March 12, 2014

Welcome back to Wednesday!

I’ve decided that with every Wednesday weigh-in, I’m going to set some goals for the coming week.  I will also report on my progress toward those alongside my weigh-in number.

But first, today’s magic number…


Unfortunately, I did not make it to the Zumba class that I mentioned I wanted to attend last night, because my commute home took nearly two hours. (Traffic was absolutely horrendous!) To make up for it, and to enjoy the nice evening weather, I took at 25 minute walk with our dog, Luna, instead. I didn’t burn nearly as many calories as I would have at Zumba, but I was glad that I didn’t totally give up when my plans changed. (Shout out to my hubby for the encouragement!)

Anyway, this week’s effort paid off, because…I am down another 1.8 pounds!



I now weigh 170.6 pounds, for a total loss of 6.4 pounds.

It’s a huge loss for one week, and one that I wasn’t expecting! Maybe the scale will correct itself next week, but for now, I’m definitely going to bask in it!


For my goals, by next week’s weigh-in, I will:

  • Lose 1 pound.
  • Attend back-to-back BodyPump and BodyCombat classes at my gym, Sport&Health, on Saturday morning.
  • Try two new recipes. (I think I have one covered for dinner tomorrow night.)

Also, once I reach a 10 pound total loss, I plan to buy myself a new workout outfit. I have a pair of really great Nike shorts, and I would like to find another pair of them.

Thank you for all of your support, friends!  I feel great and am so happy with my progress.

Have you ever been surprised, in a good way, by the scale?

Do you set weekly goals for yourself?